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How it started
In 2019 “Don Lewis IV” and Magaly started their own factory rolling and blending their own cigars. Tabacalera Don Lewis IV grows and purchases their own tobacco in the Dominican Republic using mostly Dominican-grown Ligero. As a small family-owned factory in Veragua, Espaillat, Republic Dominicana the factory staffs 8 to 10 employees which ensures a constant quality final product for our consumers.


Poker Face®️is a major distributor, wholesaler, and exporter of premium cigars. Producing only the highest quality tobacco for Cigar enthusiasts. Our products are loved by customers and make a great addition to your business's inventory. Our affordable and competitive pricing ensures that you are guaranteed to get a positive return on your investment with every sale! Poker Face®️ specializes in distributing to casinos, hospitality businesses, resorts & small retail businesses.

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